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an agony to every little thing

an agony to waking
to opening your eyes
to facing another new day
an emptiness inside
a chasm, infinitely deep
a maw that swallows your life
bit by bit by bit
desperately clinging to an ounce of hope
one tiny spark
in a vast universe of darkness
one glimmer of a disappearing dream
ready to die
but too scared or too weak
to take that final act
fragile, weary, volatile
shaking from the prospect of everyday life
the center lost
the greatness gone
the promise all but dead
each day a "new beginning"
another chance to forget
but more likely an opportunity
an opportunity to remember
an opportunity to hurt
an opportunity to die
to die maybe just on the inside
but also maybe
just maybe
an opportunity to die for real
to sink forever into the nothingness that swells inside