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the first cause

the first cause is mine
always mine and yours
the press of loneliness
the play of silence and time
a new world of my creation and i want more
i want you
and you
and you
the pain isnít all mineand you donít want me
all mine
but the press of blame
the play of consequence and rhyme
is the make of my creation and i hunger
for you
for you
for you
the first cause is minefor you moving on
always mine
the twist of love and grief together
a genetic tango, a figurative crime
to a prison of my creation the chance to devour you
devour you
devour you
devour you
devour you entirely
to consume you and
the first cause is minedestroy you until
always mine neither of us remains
a dangerous need, a bloodthirst for love nothing but love
the play of fantasy and time but time has let me go
a lonely vandal of the human heart
lost in a desert
where you are naught
but an oasis
an illusion of my own creation and I need to turn away