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the great divide

i stole the words once,
only a fool believes heís dreaming
before he wakes up
but sometimes,
iím the fool and iím still dreaming.
sometimes i drink in the sunset
and know each moment is just a new dream,
calling on me to be foolish and believe i can fly,
i can float, i can breathe in and breathe out
and be the god of everything around me.

a great divide holds me back
as the cars speed by below.

the clouds scatter
and promise a rain that will never come.

i donít ever want to be that fool
because this dream, right here, right now,
is better than that life i lead
day in and day out.
and i know,
the rain will come eventually,
and all will be clean,
and all will be forgiven,
and fool or not,
i will be allowed to live again.