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the vikariad

first there was vike the boy viking in a series of short online comics, irreverent and experimental, then came the the vikariad, a scrolling epic from lemming drops studio. the vikariad was to be the 21 part tale of a young viking's growth into a revolutionary leader, fighting the catholic invasion of norway at the end of the first millennium. the 21 parts were to be in three sections (of 7 parts each), only one of which was completed. this first section, "on the slopes of mount megiddo", tells a straightforward story (of the abduction of vike's sister vina and the loss of vike's father in an attempt to rescue her and vike's eventual rescue of his sister, with much violence and blood and humor) that stands quite well on its own. the second section, "in the fields at regjereshod", was started but will likely never be completed, and the battles of the third section will never be drawn. that last fact is a particularly sad one as the panel layout concept (scrolling to the right in one line) came out of a single image idea, a line of viking warriors across the horizon. but, it should be noted that the completed section and some of the ideas for the further sections have been on my mind of late as possible incorporations into my gardea stories, vike now vik, the son of a mud farmer outside of krig on the edge of the balkor, the plotline relatively the same, though taken more seriously

but, the original will remain here nonetheless for your enjoyment


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  • pre vikariad:
  • vike
  • the adventures of penny & bam guest starring vike
  • vike, into battle
  • brooding interrupted
  • the marriage of bjolf & gyda
  • vike . . . happy?
  • the brooding log
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    on the slopes of mount megiddo: being an account of the death of halden the dark:

  • part the first: the abduction of vina haldendatter
  • part the second: the boy not yet a man
  • part the third: the dark woods and what's in them
  • part the fourth: the mating habits of the dragon hyrrokir
  • part the fifth: to valhalla
  • part the sixth: a party of boys
  • part the seventh: an incident at the great hall

    post slopes:

  • the brooding log revisited

    in the fields at regjereshod: being an account of the death of arkyn the red:

  • part the first: a pleasant, late-summer afternoon
  • part the second: vike in the dark

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